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Our technicians are trained to recognize common problems, and to troubleshoot in order to diagnose the uncommon ones. A diagnosis costs $40, but if you choose to utilize us to fix the issue, we subtract the cost of that diagnosis from your final invoice.

In other words, as long as we do the repair, the diagnosis is effectively free.

In addition to in-shop diagnosis, we can also diagnose many issues remotely, or visit your home or workplace.


Depending on the type of laptop, prices can vary due to the different costs of the replacement screens. After labor costs are applied, a standard LCD screen will cost $160. A touchscreen will cost about $230.

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Upgrades for RAM and SSD can vary widely in cost, from the $30 range to the $200 dollar range.

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Keyboard replacement varies based on the model of your laptop, but the parts can range between $20-$60, with labor costs applied on top of that.

Similarly, other chassis repairs will depend on if/how many parts need to be replaced, and the extent of the damage.

Power jack repair, including replacement parts and labor, costs $120.


A full system tune-up with minor virus and malware removal, useless program removal, and operating system health check with repairs, resets, and updates generally costs $75. More intensive virus removal or other issues may increase price. Creating a backup and transfer of your hard drive data to clean your system is $40. Learn more about maintenance.

One size does not fit all! We are committed to helping you with whatever may be wrong with your device. General labor cost is $75 per hour.