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Better multitasking.

RAM determines how well your computer can handle multitasking. If your computer gets clunkier than your uncle Ralphie’s beat-up van when you open multiple programs, you might do well with a RAM upgrade.

We can also, of course, replace your RAM if something is broken.

Prices may vary depending on the build of your laptop/desktop computer, but here’s an idea of the price points:

  • 4GB: $35
  • 8GB: $55
  • 16GB: $130

Note about pricing: Some laptops have an extra slot that allows us to simply add the GB on top of what you already have. So if your laptop already has 4GB of RAM, and you’re hoping to upgrade to 8GB, we may be able to add another 4GB stick. However, other models only have one slot, so we would be replacing the RAM entirely, so you would have to buy the full 8GB.

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