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We care about your information's safety.

We do not share information about you or your device outside our parent company of IntersafeIT. Furthermore, IntersafeIT will only keep record of information relevant to tracking your repair history, our internal statistical analysis, lawful requests, and for no other purpose.


None of the employees who handle your laptop or phone will access any programs or files that are not necessary to repair or test the functionality of your laptop, desktop computer, or smart phone. If, during software repair (such as updates or virus removal), your internet cache, installed files, etc. need to be examined, all information is kept 100% confidential. If a backup service is requested then the contents are kept for no longer than 6 months or earlier if requested.


If you give us passwords (such as to unlock your device), they will be encrypted and stored until the service is complete. We will not keep written or digital record of that information after all work is done and we confirm that you are happy with the service. We strive to employ responsible, trustworthy technicians; as a security precaution, we always recommend changing your passwords often, regardless of who else is handling your device.

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