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Computer running slowly?

Why is my laptop so slow?
Well, friend, there are many reasons why your laptop might be underperforming. If you bring your laptop in, we can diagnose the issue for you, but here are a few possible culprits:



A general tune-up can help improve laptop speed. Software updates, setting modifications, etc. Our technicians can get your machine running like a…well, like a well-oiled machine.



RAM controls your device’s ability to multitask. Upgrading your RAM can give your laptop a boost.



The type of storage your laptop uses (SSD or HDD) can be one of the greatest contributing factors to the speed of your device. We can get you going with an upgrade.



Your computer might need some metaphorical medicine. A common culprit of computers running slowly is malware. Some viruses use large portions of your computer’s processes, causing your computer to slow down. If you suspect your computer may be infected with a virus, let us know.