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Keyboards, Bezels, and More

Damage to the chassis, or the exterior plastic parts of your laptop, can be both a cosmetic eyesore and a recipe for future damage, since a compromised shell can lead to strain on the inner workings of your laptop. All of our chassis repairs are held to our signature high standard of quality, and are subject to our warranty and insurance.

Damaged Keyboards
Keyboard keys stuck? Missing? Broken? Overly sensitive? Have to be slammed practically to the floor to type the letter “D”? We can fix or replace your busted keyboard so that you can get back to smoothly click-tippety-tapping.

Cracked Bezels
Bezel is just a fancy word for the plastic, outer shell of your laptop. The functional hinges that cause your laptop to open and close are also a part of this piece. If your laptop frame is scratched, cracked, or otherwise damaged, we can replace it so that it looks like new.

Broken Touch Pads
If your touch pad isn’t functioning, or if it has simply gotten so worn down it looks like it has been dripped with acid, we can replace that, too.

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