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Battery Replacement


Tell us if this sounds familiar:

You purchase a new laptop. Cut away the box. Unwrap the accessories. Start the satisfying process of peeling off all those protective plastic sheets. Set up your systems, and explore your shiny, new toy. Once your laptop is fully charged, you find you can unplug it and carry it around the house, bring it onto the back yard patio beside a glass of lemonade, tote it to class or a work meeting, and curl up with it in bed to stream some episodes of the newly released season of (here insert your favorite show) before you sleep – all without needing to touch the charger.

But time goes on, and one day you’re suddenly surprised when – “ding, duh-ling” – your battery is low halfway through your episode. Then, soon, “ding, duh-ling,” battery needs charging in the middle of Mr. Carson’s finance lecture. Pretty soon, you’re running around to find your charger what feels like five minutes after you unplugged it. Maybe your laptop won’t work at all unless it’s plugged in. You may even get to the point where you have to remove the battery and have the power cord plugged in. Eventually, that cumbersome cord – with that velcro wrap thing covered in lint and its big, clunky box – have become you and your laptop’s permanent companion. Like your best friend’s annoying girlfriend. You can’t invite him anywhere for five seconds without taking her too.

If you like searching for outlets everywhere you go, you do you.

If not, maybe you’re due for a battery replacement. We can take care of that.

We also replace phone batteries for a smaller version of this scenario. If you have any questions or you’d like to schedule an appointment outside our regular walk-in hours, leave us a message below.


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